Special Carbide Tipped Drills

Special Carbide Tipped Drills

We can manufacture to your own specifications or requirements.

Special diameters including number and letter drills, overall lengths max 18”- 450mm, flute lengths max 16”- 400mm, point angles 60 – 150 degrees, point styles 4 facet, 4 facet split, radial, radial split, 8 facet.

Please ask if you want something different.

Special drills to customers own specifications or requirements.

Specify your own:

  • Diameter
  • Tolerance on Diameter
  • Flute Length
  • Overall Length
  • Point Angle
  • Point Style
  • Helix Angle
  • Shank Diameter
  • Coating
  • Single / Double Margin or No Margin

Please contact us here for orders and enquiries.