Benefits of Brazed Carbide Tipped Drills

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The benefits of brazed carbide tipped drills

Benefits over H.S.S. Drills:

  • Higher speeds and feeds can be achieved with Carbide Tipped Drills
  • Cutting edge stands up better where high machining temperatures are reached
  • More wear resistance and will maintain size for longer.All above reduce cycle time and machine down time.

Benefits over Solid Carbide Drills:

  • With the body been H.S.S. you get the benfit of the Carbide Tip cutting but the body is more forgiving than Solid Carbide
  • If used through a bush, with the body again been H.S.S. it is less wearing than Solid Carbide
  • If used by hand the H.S.S. body is not as rigid as Solid Carbide and on small diameters or long lengths less liable to break.

Our Precision Drills differ from any normal carbide tipped drill as they are manufactured to tight tolerances and the most important feature is that the carbide tip is blended in to follow the spiral and the helix of the tool to help swarf evacuation. Quality is maintained throughout. The bodies of the drills are hardened HSS to give strength and rigidity but also flexibility.

Another major benefit is that we can manufacture the Precision Carbide Tipped Drills to whatever you want and your specifications if it doesn’t fit into our standard range of sizes.